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 Grey Water systems


Grey water is the term used for relatively clean waste water produced from baths, showers, sinks and washing machines. This grey water can be recycled and used for irrigation. Recycling kitchen water with the grey water is not advised because of the fat content in the water. Environmentally friendly laundry detergents must be used in order to recycle the washing water. This reduces the solid content in the water and the undesirable chemicals to the environment.

Following these guidelines will reduce the maintenance of your grey water system. Hint: (Use liquid hand washing soaps and not solid soap bars, this reduces solids in the water, do try and use environmentally friendly laundry detergent that also reduces solids in the water as well as chemicals.)Recycling grey water reduces the demand for fresh water and the wastewater run-off, reducing the strain on water and wastewater treatment plants. The economic benefit of reducing the water demand could be up to 25% reduction in water usage. In a time of water shortage this will reduce the chances of getting a fine for wasting water.



Grey Water System 01


A single tank buried underground with a sturdy maintenance cover. The tank is divided into 3 chambers, the first chamber is the storage tank with a float switch, a strainer, foot valve and sump. The second chamber consist of a horizontal filter system with a sieve and media for filtration. The final pump chamber houses the 0.73kW pump and all the electrical fittings. 

This is our top of the range system with the best design and highest quality parts.

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Grey Water System 02


A storage tank which houses the filter, strainer, foot-valve, overflow and float switch. The external tank attached to the storage tank provides a water tight chamber for the 0.73kW pump and electrical connections to the house and float switch. This is our mid-range offering, it has a more complicated and durable design to System 03.

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Grey Water System 03


A storage tank which houses the filter, strainer, foot-valve, overflow and float switch. The 0.73kW pump gets installed on a pre-cast concrete slab with a cover for solar and weather protection.

This is our entry level system.

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